Patriot in Action: Founder of America’s Veterans Day

Raymond Weeks of Alabama / Founder of America’s Veterans Day

A patriot in action feels patriotism and also takes action to serve, to lead, to make a difference for country. She sometimes sees a wrong that needs to be corrected; sometimes, he sees something not yet done that merits commitment and energy.

Raymond Weeks served his calling of a national Veterans Day for 40 years, from his envisioned concept in 1945 until his death in 1985. He is called the “Father of Veterans Day” primarily because of action he took during 1945-1954 leading to President Eisenhower signing Veterans Day into law as a federal holiday.

On November 11, 1945, Raymond Weeks, who had returned to Birmingham after his wartime service in the U.S. Navy, observed little more than a memorial service seemed to be organized in his city on Armistice Day. He felt his state and nation needed to do more to remember and honor veterans.

The seed of a calling had been planted. Raymond Weeks had the vision to expand and enrich Armistice Day, which celebrated the ending of WW I, to honor veterans of all U.S. fought wars.

Weeks presented a draft program in 1946 titled “National Veterans Day 1947” to General Dwight Eisenhower. The national event took place, as  promised, in Birmingham November 10-11, 1947.

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