The 7 Areas of Life

The 7 Areas of Life 

Dyson Life Leadership Model c Gold

Everything we do falls into one or more of these 7 Areas of Life. Activities listed within the 7 Areas below cover most things we do:

  1. Physical: breathe, eat, sleep, bathe, groom, and exercise to survive and care for physiological needs, providing a platform of health and energy.
  2. Financial: budget, purchase, and invest to satisfy needs for survival, security, hope, and freedom to pursue callings.
  3. Professional: plan, prepare, learn, and work for distinctive, ethical service to meet financial needs, enjoy personal success, and provide value to society.
  4. Personal: plan for life, develop yourself for mental and emotional health, intellectual development, and independence; nurture your home, read, play, listen to music, enjoy hobbies, other activities primarily for you.
  5. Social: share and do, with and for others—through recreation and responsibility, for fun and fulfillment—to belong, care for, love and serve interdependently.
  6. Philanthropical: contribute time for service and resources for communities, charities and causes that match your mission synergistically and improve society.
  7. Spiritual: pray, study, worship, serve, and give to fulfill your callings, gifts and talents—to fulfill the purpose of life—to live a spiritual journey faithfully, love and serve others meaningfully, and do my best joyously.

You can review the areas and descriptions and write plans to fulfill priorities in areas important to you to enhance success and balance.


About Dr. David Dyson

Dr. David Dyson serves as author, coach, and teacher helping students and true professionals to PLAN and LEAD in LIFE. He is founder-trustee of Life Leaders America since 1988 and he is on appointment at Troy University lecturing and doing projects.
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