Radio Show on Lou in the Morning: Purpose, Plans, Veterans, Students

Lou Vickery and I discussed three positive programs on his radio program, “Lou in the Morning,” which airs in South Alabama and Northern Florida–Pensacola to Atmore to the Eastern Shore of Mobile. WPFL FM 105.1;

Summary of Points

  1. Veterans Making Comeback: new Veteran Golfers Association on the Eastern Shore of Mobile at Lake Forest in Daphne started by Simon Coulls and Tim Gressett, golf pro…Free Golf Clinic for Veterans and Families, Saturday, August 29…purpose of plans for veterans and families to support healing and healthy living–veterans with PTSD recover and grow better and faster with a plan that boosts a sense of purpose and steps toward improvement…Workbooks on our web page ( comebacks).
  2. Life Leaders Seminar, Thursday, August 6, Birmingham, “Your Spiritual Purpose and Plan,” joining me is Bishop Dr. Bernard Omukubah. Free and open to the public. For an invitation,
  3. Plan for School and Life national movement can start in Alabama and Florida. College and school counselors say less than 1% of  students come to them with written plans so they can see how to help best.  People do better with purpose. If you wish you were helped to write a plan and/or want us to help teachers guide their students to develop plans, you may join our mailing list or tell of your interest.

About Dr. David Dyson

Mission: To empower people and communities to PLAN and LEAD in LIFE. Service Vision: 1) advise and assist educators to help students write Plans for School and Life, 2) help universities expand impact on students, alumni, professionals, plus branding for Colleges of Education. 3) help boards and management in communities to develop and improve plans, processes, and performance. Service niches include: Plan for School and Life - Best-Self Leadership - Community Founder and Director of Life Leaders America which provides monthly seminars on planning, best-self leadership, patriotism, and freedom as well as community development programs. Author, lecturer, and workshop leader using books and workbooks such as: Earning and Delegating Empowerment, Master Your Goliaths, Patriotism in Action, Professionalism Under Stress, Founding of America's Veterans Day Education, The Purpose of Life, Best-Self Leadership.
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