Jeopardy TV: Father of Veterans Day

Two organizations known for vetting before they honor someone or use in a broadcast–the Reagan White House and the Jeopardy Television program, both, call Raymond Weeks of Birmingham the “Father of Veterans Day.”

You can see the clip (1 minute) and/or or pass to a teacher or journalist:

To see more:

Tribute to the Founder of Veterans Day

Veterans Day Founding Education

Patriotism in Action book and program

Freedom to Flourish

November is a good month to give thanks to veterans and their families for service that often includes extra sacrifice to preserve freedoms of Liberty and Rights. Millions of students can benefit from knowing national history of how and why Veterans Day started connected to character traits like Patriotism, Courage, Perseverance, and Freedom.


About Dr. David Dyson

Dr. David Dyson serves as author, coach, and teacher helping students and true professionals to PLAN and LEAD in LIFE. He is founder-trustee of Life Leaders America since 1988 and he is on appointment at Troy University lecturing and doing projects.
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