Courage To Dream

Many of us hold back, sometimes unconsciously, on pursuing dreams—because of fear. 

We sometimes dwell on possible negative results like failure or embarrassment.  Coaching clients and seminar students often say that they stay in their “comfort zones” too much because of “what people might think” if they tried something special.

Consider the people you admire most—they likely have tried, failed, and kept persisting to fulfill ideas in which they believe, even if others could see their flaws and failures.  Follow their example.  Allow yourself to try and occasionally fall short.  Just do your best, continue to improve your capacities, and enjoy the freedom that comes with courage.

From Suggestions for Successful Living: Positive Ideas for the 7 Areas of Life by Dr. David Dyson.

Additional best practices in Professionalism Under Stress by Col. Stretch Dunn (USA Ret) & Dr. David Dyson.


About Dr. David Dyson

Mission: To empower people and communities to PLAN and LEAD in LIFE. Service Vision: 1) advise and assist educators to help students write Plans for School and Life, 2) help universities expand impact on students, alumni, professionals, plus branding for Colleges of Education. 3) help boards and management in communities to develop and improve plans, processes, and performance. Service niches include: Plan for School and Life - Best-Self Leadership - Community Founder and Director of Life Leaders America which provides monthly seminars on planning, best-self leadership, patriotism, and freedom as well as community development programs. Author, lecturer, and workshop leader using books and workbooks such as: Earning and Delegating Empowerment, Master Your Goliaths, Patriotism in Action, Professionalism Under Stress, Founding of America's Veterans Day Education, The Purpose of Life, Best-Self Leadership.
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