Be Like Ben Franklin


Benjamin Franklin met with his “junta” or “mutual improvement club” of 12 members weekly for years (Autobiography of Ben Franklin). Small groups in churches are a key part of those who are growing–the churches and the people. Dr. Napoleon Hill wrote of the most prolific people benefiting from “mastermind alliances” in the books Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich.

Whatever you call yours, it’s a good idea to join a group with people of like minds, values, or purposes. Or, start one.

I started Life Leaders in 1992, then called the Personal Leadership Association, with my colleague and good friend, Johnny Johnson (1946-1991) so I could serve and be a part of a group I wanted to join. Johnny and I had breakfast meetings on most Saturdays for 20 years. After 10 years, we expanded to host people interested in “Personal Leadership” monthly and continued the breakfast meetings weekly as well. This also was our way of implementing what we learned from Ben Franklin and Napoleon Hill.

The fellow members in the Life Leaders Association in the photo have been involved at least five years, most 10-20 years. Stretch and Joan Dunn (center) participated since attending the seminar we presented with Dr. Stephen Covey in 1993. In seminars and discussions, we have learned from each other and helped as we share, listen, and give feedback on our intent for goals and resolutions. Other loyal members like Bob and Nancy Barefield are not pictured. We have other partners and friends who support programs though may not attend meetings. Thanks to those who help others.

An accountability partner or group with whom to learn, plan, listen, and grow could add value–and might make a difference in fulfilling your resolutions.


About Dr. David Dyson

Mission: To empower people and communities to PLAN and LEAD in LIFE. Service Vision: 1) advise and assist educators to help students write Plans for School and Life, 2) help universities expand impact on students, alumni, professionals, plus branding for Colleges of Education. 3) help boards and management in communities to develop and improve plans, processes, and performance. Service niches include: Plan for School and Life - Best-Self Leadership - Community Founder and Director of Life Leaders America which provides monthly seminars on planning, best-self leadership, patriotism, and freedom as well as community development programs. Author, lecturer, and workshop leader using books and workbooks such as: Earning and Delegating Empowerment, Master Your Goliaths, Patriotism in Action, Professionalism Under Stress, Founding of America's Veterans Day Education, The Purpose of Life, Best-Self Leadership.
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