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Courage to Dream

Many of us hold back, sometimes unconsciously, on pursuing dreams–because of fear. We sometimes dwell on possible negative outcomes like failure or embarrassment. Seminar students often say, they stay in their “comfort zones” too much because of “what people might think” … Continue reading

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Read a summary of Independence Day to internalize a deeper commemoration

As we celebrate Independence Day, remember appreciation of Veterans and families, including those since 1776, and share with others the national history that: America’s Veterans Day was born in Birmingham and Advanced in Alabama. To share more with a teacher … Continue reading

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Break the Anger Addiction

“TWO THINGS A MAN SHOULD NEVER BE ANGRY AT: WHAT HE CAN HELP AND WHAT HE CANNOT HELP.” -THOMAS FULLER- Many people seem to be addicted to anger. The addiction often means a person will first focus on complaining, venting frustration, … Continue reading

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