Veterans Day History & Character Education

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  • Patriotism in Action book
  • Veterans Day started in Alabama poster
  • U.S. Senate Resolution
  • Photo of General Eisenhower-Weeks 1946
  • Telegram of General Eisenhower 1947
  • TV-Video of President Reagan 1982


  • The launch of America’s Veterans Day led by Weeks & Alabama 1945-54:
  • President Eisenhower’s leadership
  • President Reagan honoring Weeks as the “driving force” 1982
  • 10 Character Traits to Teach for Veterans Day, Rights, and Freedom
  • The campaign to restore Alabama’s legacy as  for Veterans Day
  • Resources teachers in the USA can use to teach Veterans Day History and Characterveterans-day-11x14-size-21513-jpg-opt389x494o00s389x494
  • Case for teaching why and where Veterans Day started to students in U.S. schools

Birmingham, Alabama hosted the first national Veterans Day observance and has been a model for the nation. We share highlights about traditional and special events to tell more of the story and offer ideas to Veterans Day organizers throughout America [Excerpt from Patriotism in Action].

Posters are displayed in schools, city halls, tourism centers, and veterans chapters by patriots teaching Veterans Day started here, it’s significance to students, and why we lead. Learn more