About this Blog

This blog written by Dr. David Dyson focuses on his primary 7 Callings for service. The companion blog is the Life Leaders Journal with  content by David and additional authors.

Publications such as planbooks can help you apply what you read in blog articles. Most are free and located at the Life Leaders store.

About Dr. David

Dr. David Dyson is working for goals valued by former students, parents of students, executives of organizations, and other leaders. We know writing a plan for life and using best-self leadership are good ideas; it’s time to take more action.


1. To help schools help students write plans for school and life, including college, career, and citizenship. Uses: to inspire attitude, attendance, and achievement, plus guide action and communication with parents, teachers, coaches, counselors, and decision makers for college or career. This is a common denominator students need to be prepared–and it’s time for America to implement for leaders to do our best and help others do their best.

2. To help professionals and other patriots as well as couples to write plans that inspire and guide in the 7 Areas of Life–mission/vision/action for profession, for marriage/family…what is most important.

3. To teach why we have Freedom to Flourish, best practices for how we can, and write plans for life to take action as our best-selves.


About Life Leaders

Life Leaders Institute is a nonprofit organization advancing the 7 Areas of Calling.