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Read a summary of Independence Day to internalize a deeper commemoration

As we celebrate Independence Day, remember appreciation of Veterans and families, including those since 1776, and share with others the national history that: America’s Veterans Day was born in Birmingham and Advanced in Alabama. To share more with a teacher … Continue reading

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Jeopardy TV: Father of Veterans Day

Two organizations known for vetting before they honor someone or use in a broadcast–the Reagan White House and the Jeopardy Television program, both, call Raymond Weeks of Birmingham the “Father of Veterans Day.” You can see the clip (1 minute) … Continue reading

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Make Memorial Day More Meaningful by Taking Action

  Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, has been commemorated in America since 1868. Before that, there is evidence of decorating graves of Civil War dead and loved ones. Source: Patriotism in Action, page 110 ( Meaning and Mission for … Continue reading

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Patriotism In Action

Meaning of Patriotism in Action Patriotism: Love and loyal support of one’s country. Patriotism in Action: a mindset that expects we will do what we can—great or small—to “be, know, and do” as our best-selves so we have more to … Continue reading

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