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Be Like Ben Franklin

Benjamin Franklin met with his “junta” or “mutual improvement club” of 12 members weekly for years (Autobiography of Ben Franklin). Small groups in churches are a key part of those who are growing–the churches and the people. Dr. Napoleon Hill … Continue reading

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Plan and Act Differently if you want Different Results

Your written plan for life will help you assess how well you are fulfilling what you stated was important in previous moments of inspiration, such as writing a goal or outlining a resolution. If you are not getting the results … Continue reading

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We have Freedom to Choose

We have freedom to choose our response to what happens. That’s a lesson from Dr. Stephen Covey on a video I shared with Life Leaders at the monthly seminar and meeting. We can choose character development more than personality. We … Continue reading

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7 Best Practices to Lead Your Life

These synthesized life lessons provide a core strategy for preparing and taking action as your best-self: LEAD your LIFE. Choose to identify and fulfill your callings, gifts, and talents; live as your best-self, prepared for action, increasingly strong and resilient. … Continue reading

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Leadership and Empowerment

Dr. Ken Blanchard taught in “Situational Leadership” courses and books as well as  at our seminar in 1994 that we should choose different leadership approaches with people at different levels of “maturity” and we should even choose different leadership approaches with the same … Continue reading

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